Emergent Moments …

Our learning and development does not follow a steady trajectory.
We learn and evolve in fits and starts! We coast - we go side-ways - sometimes we fall back - then we lurch forward again. At least this is how it has been for me. learning is often about persistence … continually ‘lurching’ forward!

So, this of course, begs an elemental question: what kinds of things or types of situations, trigger our big ‘learning’ moments? What keeps us lurching forward? 

Does ‘luck’ play a role. Absolutely. Sometimes it’s just luck/timing - that sees us take a certain path. (big discussion possible here) But one thing I have noticed is this - when we connect up with the right people - our the number of our emergent learning opportunities increase. Once again, it comes back to that age-old chestnut - ‘who are you hanging with?’


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