I think that Contrast is absolutely necessary for happiness …

I have thought this for some time now. We need to experience hunger, to fully appreciate a nice meal. We need to experience what it’s like to struggle financially, to give meaning to having a full bank account. We need to experience hard work, to fully enjoy a weekend off. 

If every day was a feast - and every car we drove was a lambo - in a month or two - we would be bored to our core! 

Want to taste the best drink you have ever had? Easy - go without water for three days. Then a glass from the tap - it will top anything you’ve ever had. Contrast. Contrast imbues things with value … and allows us to feel accomplishment and joy. If every day was the same, with your every wish come true - you would be looking for a way out soon enough. Such a scenario is my vision of hell! 

We need contrast!


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