Learning flows outward.

The eternal student … being a student is about exploration - discovery - acceptance - struggle and of course … learning. When I was in school, I found learning to be a tedious thing … because I was asked to learn about things I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in. As an adult, I love learning … partly because I am better at it (have had some practise) but mostly because I get to choose what I learn. 

Learning flows outward.  What I mean here is that once we engage in the act of learning - with focus, passion, etc - then we automatically (and effortlessly) develop learning (knowledge-acquiring) skills - that we can direct at other areas/topics that can help us (and others) in life.

Knowledge-acquiring skills (learning skills) go the the very heart of what it means to be alive. Learning how to learn - should be the first lesson we learn.


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