Wednesday, October 10, 2018


People Matching ...

Many of you will, no doubt, find this post not to your taste/liking. But in the hope that it may get, even only a few thinking … I shall continue …
To find the right partner in life, simply follow this recipe: one part who you are (because this determines the kind of person you’ll attract) - and one part luck (did you turn left or right at that corner, on that day).
I have come to realise that people are a good (or bad) ‘fit’ for each other (on a sliding scale) - across a range of criteria. if you are a perfect fit - but only in one or two criteria - you may find things a bit of a struggle. If almost every box gets a tick however - you have found marital bliss.
Speaking of my own experience with my most-beautiful wifey: I am attracted to her voice - her ‘heart’ - her physical being - to her scent - to the way she moves - to the way she looks - to the way she interacts with others - to the way she thinks - to the way she cares - to her uber-affectionate nature - to the way she mothers our child - to her touch and much much more.
I know I am extraordinarily lucky … to have met her and somehow convinced her, that I was a worthwhile life-partner.
I think luck plays a part. It determines ‘if, where and when’ our paths cross. And if we are very, very lucky - our paths cross with someone who ticks so many of our boxes that we cannot help but fall in love with them - for the rest of our lives. And that kind of love - grows and intensifies over time. This is at least, my experience.
When you see someone who ticks dozens of your ‘own boxes’ - do your very best to spend time with them - and then nature will take it’s course.
But the only advice I can offer, is this … you will become vastly more ‘lucky’ by making sure you put yourself in the right kind of environment to meet such a person. If you are spending all of your time in one certain kind of environment - then you are limiting your chances greatly … ask yourself - where are you spending your time?
I still cannot fathom how fortunate I was myself. I can only wish the same for others … it’s somewhat of a rarity I think.
No apology for the soppiness of this post. I speak from my heart in my posts - and will continue to do so. Life is too short to do otherwise.

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