Zeroing in on Value ...

Look closely at the things we do … and ask ourselves, ‘what is the value here?’ Why are we trading our time for this thing we are doing (whatever it is)?

Very often we trade our time to derive an income so we can fund our lives. In other instances, we trade it for something that gives us a sense of achievement. Sometimes we swap out time to validate a belief system we might hold; or to seek the approval (or even the adoration - yikes) of others. Sometimes it is to reach a milestone on the way to some place we want to get to. Sometimes, though, and this is the main point, we might not be fully clear on why we do the things we do because our reasons for doing them may have changed or evolved over the course of our lives.

So it’s good to ask, ‘what are we trading our time for now? And why? Knowing what value we want to extract from the trade is a good thing - because knowing might allow us to refine and modify our choices and thereby steer ourselves more precisely toward the things we want from life.


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