Deconstruction 101 …

I am a big believer in deconstructing ideas, concepts and techniques - not only to deepen my understanding of them, but to better design an optimal way to transfer this understanding to others.
There are a number of ways we can go about deconstructing a technique, sequence or pathway in Jitsu. One very effective way is to start where we wish to end up (the finish) then back-track our way out of that finish, to positions we usually find ourselves in.
So - start in the centre of the maze - and backtrack our way out to the entrance. Worked in primary school - world on the mat - and works in the larger landscape of our lives.
- Start with the end - works backwards to the start
- breaking it down
- understanding all the elements
- stitching it back together
- identifying the failure points
- understanding the sequence and timing
- lightly pressure-testing
- heavily pressure-testing
- adding on to construct sequences
- troubleshooting to find solutions to counters


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