Talk to that Doorman …

When we look, we do tend to see (seek and ye shall find). Again, something my father taught me. I’ll give you the exact example that he gave me.

Say, you want to build a new BBQ; and, seemingly coincidentally, you start seeing bricks everywhere - or you buy yourself a new car, and again, you begin seeing that same model everywhere. 

Of course, these things were always ‘there’ - but it wasn’t until we assigned value/importance to them, that we began to ‘see’ them.

In sort, our brain acts as a kind of bouncer - and does an excellent job and keeping non-essential information out; it is, in a way, the ultimate ‘door-man’.

So when we assign value/importance to say, a goal; then we suddenly start spotting the things we need to make that goal a reality.

So seek - or even better ‘think’ and ye shall find. Get control of that Doorman. Let him know what to let in and what to keep out. This is a powerful truth.


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