The ‘Karate-fication’ of BJJ …

Had to happen I guess … 
What I call the ‘karate-fication’ of BJJ - is an effort (by a certain few) to reduce the complexity and inherently challenging nature of the art to a ‘collection of techniques’. Those that take this approach are in many ways a counter-point to those trying to improve and develop the art through the rigours of pressure-testing and competition.
BJJ, certainly includes thousands of techniques - but these are woven together in a myriad of ways and are entangled with one another in endless variations. There are concepts and principles at work that can only be uncovered only through in-depth analysis and attention to nuance - also in play is a never-ending ‘arms race’ that evolves between move and counter-move - one that continually redefines the landscape on almost a daily basis.
BJJ is a changing and evolving animal .. one that cannot be truly and accurately depicted by a two-dimensional drawing on a piece of paper or frozen in a moment in time. It will simply not stand still long enough to be ‘karate-fied’ … it’s inherently annoying that way! And thank goodness, it is.


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