Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Creative potential …

We all have it. But potential doesn’t always translate to actuality.
It is difficult to teach. It doesn’t follow a straight path - it isn’t learned step-by-step.

Being creative is more, in my opinion, about not caring about outcomes than it is about getting tasks done. Experimentation is about risk-taking, about trial-and-error, about heading off in strange and unfamiliar tangents. And that is perhaps, why it is not for everyone. 

Think about it; the majority of people like to ‘follow’ - they like to stick to ‘proven pathways’ - and for very good reason; survival. If others have gone before us - and not died - then by following in their footsteps, we improve our own chances of living longer. This makes a lot of sense from an evolutionary standpoint - but it just doesn’t cut it on the ‘creative landscape’. 

Here’s a pic of two friends of mine who are both naturally intensely curious  people … both are highly creative and have carved their own paths through life. David Meyer and Gilbert Melendez

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