Monday, January 21, 2019


Myth #2: If I Go to School - If I work Hard - I will Succeed.

Certainly in my own experience of the world thus-far - I have not seen this to be the case.

I have seen many people go to school then university, get a degree and then find themselves in fierce competition with a lot of other people (also with degrees) all vying for a limited number of jobs. And often, doing so, with a load of ‘university debt’ weighing them down. It can be a struggle.

I have seen countless people, working hard, working long hours, sometimes in more than one job, struggling to make ends meet; yet there is no doubt whatsoever, that they were ‘working hard’.

Do not think the rules of yesteryear automatically apply today. Industriousness is important - but without focussing that industriousness - without ‘shaping’ our efforts, all we get is a lot of splashing around; we can still easily find ourselves drowning. 

Success comes to those who intelligently shape their efforts. 

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