Pet Dislikes … 'WOO WOO'

There are a few things that, I must admit, really get under my skin.
Bullying, for example  … can’t stand it! But even more than that, I hate - the ‘woo woo’ spewer.

The ‘woo woo’ spewer is a particularly beguiling sort of charlatan, who tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the innocent and ignorant with a confusing mix of science and new-age hippy bullshit (collectively known as pseudo-science). Disclaimer: I am sure many of these types actually kind of believe in their own nonsense (when you cannot think critically, that’s what sometimes happens). 

You can locate this strange bird by the peculiar sounds it makes, whilst trying to collect it’s followers in the deep and dark forest of the inter-webs … you will know it by it’s curious sentence structures, often containing words like - quantum, energy, vibration, spiritual, actualisation, enlightenment, rejuvenation, evolving consciousness, mindfulness, destiny, essence, entanglement, particles, chakras, etc.

Although these words are in fact, real words; the ridiculous word-salad delivered up by the ‘woo woo’ specialist, usually has little to no meaning at all. The relationship between the quantum world and the macro (actual life) world is meaningless (physics changes when we apply it to the world of objects larger than an atom) … yet, the ‘woo woo’ man (or woman) will not be dissuaded by such trivialities (for they are probably operating on a different frequency). Yikes.

But, for your daily dose of new-age woo-woo-ism, I offer this - a ‘Bullshit Generator’. It’s fun … try it. Hit that ‘Re-ionise Electrons’ button - and see it in action for yourself. Hit it again - the woo woo is strong in this one.

PS: if you want to hear my thoughts on chakra’s - here they are: I killed mine, baked it in the oven, and ate it with a side serving of fava beans and sriracha-glazed brussel sprouts.


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