Starving in a banquet …

So very much information at our disposal - yet who has the time to sift through it all and arrive at a concise overview, let alone a conclusive opinion.

Many of us find ourselves time-poor. Many people find themselves working more and more  (sometimes for less and less) and so when we are called upon to make decisions that can drastically effect our lives, it is unsurprising that many of us simply don’;t have enough information to make a decision that is both informed and actually in our self-interest.

Like voting.

I know virtually nothing of politics. Learning about it is like forcing wheatgrass down my throat. I know I should …. but fark!

An example: 
If, before the Brexit vote, some unbiassed third party (who was sufficiently smart and actually interested in the subject) could have given a basic (street-speak) overview on say, what the likely outcomes were for voting for or against … the most important pro’s and cons … then we time-poor, disinterested or sufficiently ignorant (me) people, could have perhaps offer up a somewhat more-informed vote. Not me - I am an Aussie. Just an example.

I wonder at how many other decisions people make - in a virtual information vacuum - or information avalanche - which in some ways amount to the same thing. A lot I imagine. One of the challenges of course, is finding that ‘truly unbiassed’ and yet ‘intelligent’ person/group willing to offer up an independent overview - most people have an agenda!

And … finding truly unbiassed advice, is in my own experience, one of the most difficult of life’s challenges.


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