Balancing the equation …

This is regarding the math of life.
I have long had this idea …. I shall try to reduce it to it’s simplest form here … 

In words: We need to balance the equation.

I am completely astounded at times, by the clearly obvious fact that some people live and act a certain way and yet they expect to achieve an outcome that should not (by any reasonable standard) be achievable by living and acting that way. Eg: someone wants to be financially independent, but they spend more than they actually earn. Or someone who wants to lose weight but they eat cakes all day and do no exercise. It’s just weird! It’s all basic math. I suck at math - but it’s still quite obvious to me.

There are two sides to this equation - on one side we have what we do (the left side) - and on the other side we have what we want/expect (the right side). These things need to balance out. 

Do less on the left side (what we do) and we will need to subtract from the right side (what we want) - or we will feel disappointment/frustration.

Do more on the left side and we can raise our expectations on the right side.

We could also change the values of the right side first - we could lower the value of the right side - and therefore we need to do less on the left side. Or we could lift the value of the right side and either also lift the value of the left side or again, feel disappointment/frustration.

I have been known to ask the following: “You are doing what? And expecting what outcome?” I have long wondered as to why some people find it difficult to understand this basic life equation. I doubt I have explained it clearly enough here - it seems to sit more clearly in the mind than it does in writing. Perhaps this is why so many seem to struggle with it. 


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