Simplifying the Complex …

On the mat, such a simplification might look like this: Crucifix = Back Control done Sideways.

A large part of a teachers job is, in my own view, to sufficiently simplify the complex so that it becomes more immediately and more easily digestible for those who haven’t the time, inclination or ability to hold the idea (in it’s fullness) aloft.

Compress a complicated mess down into a more elegant form, put it in a box and tie a bow on it … this is the idea. 

In Math:
1/2 (2X-10) = 5X - (6X+9)
X-5 = 5X - 6X - 9
X-5 = -X - 9
2X = -4
X = -2

In life, we might want to own a house. But zero does not equal 10. We have to balance the equation … work = savings - then we borrow from the bank to buy that home - we then rent out the back room to re-pay the loan faster to more rapidly build equity - then we use the increased equity (over time) to convince the bank to lend us more money - we buy a second home that someone rents - we contribute the shortfall in payments ourselves, until inflation drives the rent and value of the property up. We might eventually sell that second property for a strong capital gain and use the profit to pay to the original loan on our first house. 

So, we have all of that on the left side of the equation - and home-ownership on the right side. One gets you to the other. if we take away something from the left side - we can’t expect the same result on the right. 

This, I call - the math of life.

The simplification of the complex is the fun … and the more we practise doing this, the better we become at doing so. Teaching, in my view, requires that we develop this skill. 


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