Money … (warning: taboo subject in play)

In some ways I am a slow learner; so it took me a while to come to this particular realisation; but I’d like to share it with those who are interested.
Money is a tool. Like a hammer, or a car. It is a means of solving problems. It can’t, of course, solve all problems, but it does solve many; many more, than say, a hammer.
A hammer is a tool that solves a very particular problem - that of embedding nails into durable surfaces. Other tools are even more wondrous; computers for example - they can help us solve a vast range of different kinds of problems. Money is like this in a way; it allows us to get stuff sorted.
They say that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ - but, as is often the case, this cliche doesn’t deliver up the full story …
Problems have the potential to make us decidedly unhappy. Money though, may prove to be very useful on occasion, as a means of ‘solving the particular problem’ we have - and thereby drive us into a state of happiness.
It’s a tool. A very useful tool. It allows us to solve problems - like, starvation, accomodation, travel, education, etc. It is a pity that it is in a way, a somewhat ‘taboo’ subject - and people won’t talk as freely about it as they would say, talk about computers, or hammers, or other ‘problem solving’ devices.
As a child (or adult for that matter), I was never educated about ‘money’; I had to figure it all out, by myself. I hope this little post might start some of you thinking a little differently, about this interesting piece of technology we call ‘money’.


Unknown said…
Hi John, I agree. One of the most popular books in Australia is The Barefoot Investor. While there is bit about investing wisely the majority is of it is about how to handle money. Simple yet extremely valuable ‘basics’ most of us are never taught.

Thanks for your blog. I’m enjoying chipping through the posts.

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