Agility …

As an individual, carving out my own approach to doing ‘life’ - I have the luxury of being able to re-invent my thinking, my approach, my methodology, etc - as I go - and this kind of ‘agility’ has allowed me to get where I want to go, and get the results I want to get - despite taking a faulty step every now and again. 

More traditional pathways - getting a university degree and then finding a job for example … are fraught with difficulties when it comes to things like keeping up with current thinking - or implementing ideas of our own. At university, a curriculum might possibly be out-of-date before even the first year of a three or four year degree is completed. 

Large organisations tend to be slow-to-adapt, change and evolve. As a single entity, I can wake up with a new way of thinking about something and try to implement that right away. 

Being overly-invested in the way we do things - or the current set of skill-sets we may possess - may inhibit us from being agile and adaptable. re-invention of the self requires agility.

Agility … our ability to rapidly change direction and adapt - is perhaps one of the main reasons human beings were able to do so well in the world.

Here’s a wonderful pic by the super-talented Seymour Wang - my boy has this up on the wall in his room (Thanks Seymour). Agility in action.


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