Aspirations …

As a child there seemed to be an almost endless number of people who I aspired to, be like. My father, super-heroes on the TV, sporting legends, etc. As a teenager, my role-models changed - as I myself changed. As a young man, I began to read more and so again, my role models changed; historical figures entered the fray … and my choices grew.
As a more mature and experienced human being, I now find myself being a role model for others … a somewhat disquieting thought, if I am to be totally transparent. My question is a simple one: Am I really worthy of the role?
I try to be. I try to think about things; I try to be clear on the rationale supporting my various beliefs; I try to be open to new ideas, thoughts and positions; I try to be kind to others; I try to continually better myself and fan the flame of curiosity that burns within; I try to be a good husband and father and friend; I try to be of value to others and the community; but is this enough?
I feel that the ‘ideal’ that we strive to emulate - can be somewhat ephemeral at times; a composite perhaps of various people (both alive and dead). Being the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be - does help give direction and bearing to those who strive alongside and behind us - we are after all, (each and every one of us) blazing a trail that others might choose to walk, long after we have gone.
Humans - are wondrous creatures. Such potential. We are petty at times - and at other times - wondrous


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