Time .... to self-educate

I was warned as a youngster - to abandon my obsession with martial arts training - and instead, choose a ‘real job’ to better guarantee the acquisition of successful and bright future. Glad I was stubborn enough to ignore those urgent and all-knowing voices.

Whilst others were (no doubt) padding out their resumes and earning their degrees, I spent my time travelling and training. But looking back, I was also educating myself; I was building perspective on the world, on how it works and coming into contact with lots of different types of people. I emerged with no fancy diploma - but learn I did; and so began my program of self-education. 

Travel, and exploration, is in some ways, a very inexpensive way to learn about the world and about ourselves. And often it comes with an invaluable bonus … time! 

Time is opportunity … it is the way we measure change in the world; and change within ourselves. Time allows us to self-educate … and for most in the western-world at least - opportunities to self-educate, abound.


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