How eagerly we fight for our stories …

Many of our core beliefs are a product of where we were born … and what ideas were poured in to us during childhood. Well, at least this is how we get our ‘initial shape’ if you like. Born in Mecca? Your’e probably Muslim. Born in Israel? You’re probably Jewish. Born in Rome? You’re probably Catholic. Born in Southern India? You’re probably Hindu - etc, etc. Each of us looks at the other, and in doing so, becomes atheistic about that others beliefs and ideologies. Many many millions of people have fought and died for their own particular beliefs in their own particular stories.

The strange thing that I am continually amazed about, is the deep certainty that people have when it comes to the truth of their own particular story. How strongly we cling - how eagerly we fight - how difficult it is for people to rise above the circumstances and location of their birth. Most of us tend to go along with the prevailing narrative of our environment … but I think, most of the great stuff happening in the world, takes place because someone chose to step away from that.

In stepping away from the flock - and walking our own path - and thinking our own thoughts (if such a thing is possible) - we become a little more authentic - a little more alive - a little more tolerant - and perhaps, a little more useful to the wider world. It’s not easy to break away from the ‘collective think’. It isn’t easy to walk your own path; but the attempt can be rewarding.


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