Enact - rather than signal ....

Instead of signalling our virtue - perhaps we would be better off enacting it. “Acta non Verba’ - old Latin proverb; seems this is not a new idea.
There are already enough people in the world, shouting out their ‘virtues’ - I would rather not add to their number. Instead, I try to ‘live’ and ‘act’ congruently with my beliefs.

Imagine this - a husband who keep s assuring his wife that he is faithful - worrisome! Husbands who are faithful don’t feel a need to keep reminding their wife of the fact.
Those who feel a need to scream to the world, how they are this or that … make me wonder about what’s really going on inside their heads ….

Simply, ‘enact’ or ‘embody’ the things we believe strongly in. ‘Acta non Verba’ - ‘Action, not Words’.


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