Fortune-cookie Distillations …

Distilling complicated themes down to simple ideas is a great way to start. Then, if we have more time, we flesh it out from a sentence to a paragraph. Even more time, from a paragraph to a chapter. From chapter to a book. You get the idea. 

When starting out, ‘complexity’ is not our friend … distilling a subject down to a bite-sized ‘chunk’ can help us get ‘on-board’ more quickly. Then, over time, we add both ‘breadth’ and ‘depth’. Here are some simple distillations to give you an idea of what I am talking about: 

Crucifix: Back control done sideways
Closed Guard: Upside-down mount
De La Riva: Half Guard when opponent stands
Spider-Guard: Butterfly Guard on the arms
Darce: Arm-triangle where our chest kills the resistance
Anaconda: Arm-triangle where our leg kills the resistance
Kata Gatame: Arm triangle where head kills the resistance
Omoplata: Kimura done with the legs


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