Heel-hooks and Solar Panels …

Often when things start small, and become a successful solution to a problem - then they are taken up very, very quickly on a larger scale - and suddenly, the whole world seems ‘on board’.

Examples:  installing a solar panel system at home - that saves me thousands of dollars each year - I tell my friends - who like the idea - and also get on it ...

Or perhaps, take someone like Eddie Cummings, who starts tapping everyone with heel-hooks - then within the space of two years, every 16 year old kid on the mat is doing the same (and improving on it) …. the idea of starting locally, is something that we can all do.

I like the idea of starting locally - it’s like running an experiment - many will fail, some will get a great result - that result will be seen and copied by others - then we get improvement!

I think, more and more, this is how the world will improve.


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