1982 … 

Going through some old pics today - and found d a few that had me reminiscing about 1982. A memorable year for me - as I flew to Jakarta to represent Australia (team of one) in the world Silat championships. There were, I think, 14 countries competing, and four weight categories … so a big competition.
As my good fortune would have it, I managed to prevail on the day, and took the gold medal in the lightweight mens division. An added bonus was the presentation of the ‘most technical fighter of the day’ award, presented to me by General Eddie Nalapraya; who later on invited me to his palatial residence for dinner and a chat. Was nice, I must admit, to being ‘famous’ for a day - every television set in the country featured the completion finals and so I was recognised in every restaurant I walked into. Ate free for a week. We have these little moments in our lives - and we think back upon them as highlights, in a way … but here’s my main point: we shouldn’t tether the way we feel about life to just the ‘big wins’ … it’s the may ‘small’, seemingly ‘invisible’ victories we have each day, that bring us the deep and ’steady’ joy. That little movement on the mat, that walk in the garden, that meal with your wifey, that chat with a friend … there are a hundred little wins that we have every week. These are the ‘real’ victories.


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