This has been the subject of endless philosophical and scientific discussions - and the question arises - and will continue to arise for a very long time - what IS consciousness? Where does it come from? 

I have a thought or two on the subject - no doubt, overly simplified - but I offer them here none-the-less. 

It seems to me that our consciousness cannot exist in the past (any longer) - nor in the future (yet) - so that leaves the present. So there it sits. But where does it come from? Perhaps it comes from the future. The future may be represented by an infinite number of ‘possibilities’ - that have yet to ‘collapse’ into our ‘present experience’. As those possibilities do ‘so collapse’ - they produce our consciousness - our ‘present state of being’, so to speak.

This leaves many questions … but it represents the shore upon which my simplistic thinking has dumped me. I lie here, wiggling …. 


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