We are not the centre of the universe

Galileo figured this out - despite immense pressure from the church and other communities to shut down his discoveries. This ‘centre-fication’ (is that even a word?) easily spills over and envelops our own psyche … and so it seems to each one of us, somehow, that we sit at the very centre of the universe. However, it is a worthwhile exercise to get out of our own heads on occasion and marvel at the world beyond. 

There are so many fantastic things to see; dramatic places; the unfolding of nature; incredible people doing amazing, life-affirming things; and much, much more. If we cannot get out and experience these things first hand, we can read about them, we can watch them on our screens, or we can simply construct our own plans to get out and see more in the future.

When we get outside of ourselves … we shape ourselves anew. We are but a piece … but a piece that may be continually shaped and re-shaped. 


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