A dread of tests ….

As a kid, I always dreaded ‘tests’.
There are several reasons for that dread, the foremost of which was probably the fact that I placed far too much weight on the outcome of them. On top of that, many of the tests were measuring proficiency in things I cared absolutely nothing about. Reflecting back, I don’t think those tests I dreaded, related very well to how life actually works.

In life, we fail at lots of things, but we usually learn from our failures (small and big) do small course-corrections and then improve. So very often, a single test (pass or fail) doesn’t mean all that much in the long run. Also, in life, we trend toward learning things and gaining skills that are of interest to us (not French or Latin for example) and so, we tend to do okay.

The sooner we fail, the sooner we course-correct. The more we fail, the more we course-correct and the more precise in those course-corrections we become. Life is the ‘school’ that counts. 


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