Authenticity …

Everyone has come under assault, of some kind. We’ve all had people talk trash behind our backs and try to turn others against us (a classic Narcissist Ploy) - we’ve all had people who dislike the way we live - who dislike the way we look - who dislike the colour of our skin - who dislike our politics, etc. Well … why care so much about trying to please everyone? Who put that idea into our heads anyway? It’s a very flawed idea. 

Set all that aside my friends; in the grand scheme of our lives, it amounts to almost nothing. One of the most important skills I have learned in my time is to not change who I am to please other people or to make them like or admire me more, etc. I decided some time ago, to just ‘be me’ … and am now absolutely fine with the fact that I cannot please everyone. 

Just as there are options in choosing the foods we eat; there are also options regarding the kind of people we interact with. In fact, our decisions regarding who we form strong and lasting relationships with, may well be the most meaningful decisions of our lives. 

Be authentic. Every day we choose to live inauthentically, is a day wasted. In being authentic, you’ll repel some people but you’ll attract more similarly-authentic people. Anything else is a compromise on wondrous living. What have you got to lose?


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