Dabbler VS Deep Diver

Or, as I have asked before, go broad or go deep? 
Dabbling, that is knowing a little about a lot, allows you to better understand context and it allows for greater adaptability. 
Deep diving, on the other hand, gives you profound understanding of a subject and eventually, even expertise in that subject. 
So both are good but both have limitations. Dabbling gives you adaptability and creates agility in thinking - but little depth, when it counts. Deep diving gives you nuanced understanding but limits our ability to see how any knowledge gained might fit onto a larger/broader landscape. 

The best of both worlds is my answer. Start with knowing a little about a lot of things - whilst deep diving into one or two specialised fields. Over time, we will then be more likely to make connections between those areas we are specialising in, and other areas that we at least know something about. Making connections, that have hitherto not been made, is how paradigm shifts are kickstarted. 

Fusion cooking is a good example of this in action. When we connect up things that have historically been unconnected, we ‘invent’ new ideas and ways of thinking, about an old and well-understood subject.

‘At first, go broad
then go deep
repeat, repeat
then go sleep.



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