Dealing with the hits …

As someone once said - ‘the hits - they keep on coming’. Yep; seems about right.
Most of us, perhaps even more so for those who live a little ‘on the edge’, take a hit or two on a semi-regular basis. The hits come in many forms - actual ‘hits’ and other fun sporting injuries, financial hits, emotional hits, relationship hits, etc. 

There are lots of ways to deal with the hits; roll with them as best we can, build up some ‘armour’ (muscle for sport, financial resources, etc), or have ‘recovery’ plans we can implement, etc. For me though, I have found that having a ‘mission’, something I feel passionate about getting done, is the most powerful antidote to the hits that life throws our way. 

Think about how many people (those in jobs they hate) get sick on Sunday night - then think about how likely it would be for these same people to get sick a few days before the trip/holiday of the lifetime they have been wishing for. 

The promise of what the future might hold really has a significant impact on how well we deal with ‘obstacles’ or ‘life’s hits’. If you find something that really gets you excited, something that has you ‘itching’ to go - don’t put that thought away; set it alight, fan the flames, make it your medicine.


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