Most of us have high standards in some aspect of our lives; maybe in the brewing of our morning coffee; maybe in our workplace; perhaps in our close relationships, etc. The trick is to realise that stepping up to a higher standard pays above-average dividends in almost every endeavour we undertake; and that if we can do this in one area of our lives, then we can also do it in another.

This is about ‘non acceptance’ in a way. Sure, there are times when we need to accept the state of things - when we can do nothing about it (the weather for example) - but then again, there are lots of situations where we can refuse to ‘accept’; where we can refuse to ‘settle’; where we can do something a little better; where we can lift the expectations we have of ourselves and set a higher standard. As someone once told me - ‘the biggest hurdle to success, in any endeavour, is to take on an attitude of ‘good enough to get by’. 

Settling is for those who don’t want to walk any further. Settling is not for those who want to move away from the ordinary.


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