The Ideas Kitchen …

New ideas - if there really are such things - usually come from an amalgamation or re-shaping/re-combining of old ideas. They can also arise, as ‘solutions’ to new problems that appear in our given environment. 

Sometimes we come to a new idea by combining things that we have not previously combined in the past. They might be things we know well, but we have never previously contemplated how we might hook them together to build something new.

At other times we arrive at a new idea when we are trying to come up with a solution to a new problem. Being novel through necessity, is an old concept (necessity being the mother of invention and all).

 Mental adaptations and the formulation of new ideas can be a startlingly rapid phenomenon. Even in this ‘crisis’, our society has come up with new ways of conducting meetings, training at home, interacting with each other, etc. 

Ideas … are the most awesome thing about human beings. 


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