Super Potent Easter egg …

I’ve come to realise a few very important things in my life thus-far … this is one of the best …

I am reminded of it again, after watching the classic movie, Citizen Kane, the other day. There’s an awesome ‘Easter egg’ in that movie - and I am a hunter and collector of Easter eggs. 

Quoting from the movie: 

“There’s no trick to being wealthy if all you want to do is become wealthy.”

The big take-away is this: I believe that statement to be true, sure … but the hidden Easter egg is this:

 We all want ‘other stuff’ in life - not just ‘money’, or ‘sport skill’, or ‘artistic talent’, or ‘great relationships’, etc.

So …

  • If we are only willing to invest, say 3% of our time, in any given activity … then we need to extract maximum value. That is: Return on investment (of time)
  • This is where ‘design’ comes into play
  • I am all about getting the maximum return/effect from the minimum effort
  • You should all want this too. After all, you’re swapping your precious time for whatever it is you point your attention at.

Anyone can be rich - if they give 100% of their waking hours to the task. Anyone can be world class in sport - if they give 100% of their waking hours to the task. Anyone can learn a foreign language in 3 months - if they give 100% of their waking hours to the task. 

The problem though, is that we want to do other things as well; other things that are important to us; especially if we want to live a more balanced life. And so we don’t give 100% to any task - we give maybe 5%. And that is very reasonable for a balanced life … therefore, we want that 5% to be very, very potent. We should be demanding maximum value - maximum potency - out of any effort or attention we invest. 

That’s the goal … thinking about how to ‘maximise’ returns; in any facet of your life that you deem important. Never, ever … go with ‘oh, this’ll do’. Good enough to get by’. Nope!


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