All power to front shields ...

I am very focussed right now - and avoiding any negative talk or negative thinking. I am surrounded by people (not everyone, there are notable exceptions) who are breaking down and wallowing in their own grief. From my point of view - this is not the time for that. it is time for action - and moving forward right now. All power to the front shields - to use a Star Trek metaphor. In other words, you drive the energy to where it is needed most - and not dwell on the 'what if's' - what could have happened - what may or may not happen - you focus on the immediate task at hand.
In a state of emergency - we do much better if we attend to priorities. In this past week I have seen so much energy just bleeding off in te directions of things that do not matter - RIGHT NOW! Being in the NOW - is not only a Buddhist concept - it is a concept for dealing with emergency.
My son Ronin nearly died again last night - another hour off the operating table - and he would have. Today is much better - after another op - where a length of his intestine had to be removed after it had died from decreased O2 levels - he is once again in the Intensive Care Unit - and for now, stabilised.
My wife is my rock - my friend Dave Meyer is such an asset right now that I cannot thank him enough - and the wonderful stream of comments to this blog will, I am certain, help Ronin with his long-term recovery. Thanks so much everyone - my sincere apologies if this blog is coming across as overly self-indulgent right now. I'll be back to a more normal frame of mind soon.
much love


BJJ NZ said…
John.. I know from my point of view and that of many others who have spoken to me about Ronin, that your posts are vital to us..

We hang on every word about what is happening and how things are. I know that everyone who reads this blog consistently is behind you 100%

Most of us are helpless to do anything but follow Ronins progress and hope that everything he does increases his chances..

Self indulgent? No! Informative and appreciated? Hell Yes!

Thinking of you all.

Geoff GSW
Anonymous said…
John, very few of us will ever experience the emotions that you must be at this moment, but there are thousands of us who have benefited in our lives directly from your input over the years.

We all appreciate you keeping us updated, and just hope that our thoughts and prayers can help Ronin.

John R
Mamalina said…
John, Our prayers are with Ronin and you too right now. Sam and Marlina
Mike Fooks said…
What Geoff said. I like many others am checking for news several times a day if not several times an hour. We are thinking of you and appreciate you taking the time to update us in the midst of everything else.

We're pulling for Ronin and thinking of you and Melissa

Anonymous said…
John. You are a man whom I greatly admire and deeply respect and whose words are congruent with his actions (a very rare trait).

I feel privileged to read your open and honest blog at this challenging time and hope that my thoughts, prayers and comments may be of benefit to you and your family.

Oliver, Will/Machado Geraldton
Unknown said…
Hi John, my name is Sam, I train with Wayne Ardley in Melbourne. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time and I am sure with the help of your amazing strength helping him he will pull through.
Dean Will said…

My heartfelt wishes and prayers are for you, Ronin and your family. I know I am along way form Geelong, but I truly feel for you all.

I only met Ronin the once at Popa's 100th party at Bud's and I was very impressed with his amturity and inner strength.

Best wishes for the hours, days and weeks to come.

Your cousin Dean.
Perry Bateson said…
We start each class with an update and discussion focused on the very best for ronin you and the family. There is not much we can do from so far away other than to let you know we care.
Perry, Team Canada
Andy Gibbs said…
Hi John...I totally agree with Geoff's comments. All that most of us can do at the moment is hope, pray and wait for your next update. Thanks for this and thanks Geoff for putting it so perfectly.

Andy Gibbs
MageTroll said…
John, this is YOUR blog. It can contain whatever is important to you. I can't think of anything more important to you at the moment than your son's well being. So take as much time writing about his progress on this blog as you like, it is an important part of your coping strategy at the moment I'm sure.

With sincerest wishes,
Jeff Osborn
Unknown said…
If you can't be self-indulgent on your own blog... ;)

I have met Ronin a couple of times a few years ago, albeit briefly, but with good memories. My thoughts and hopes are with him, you, loved ones and of course the medical staff.

We are constantly surrounded by incredibly unlikely events. The hold is tight but he can find the escape!

Best wishes,
Anonymous said…
best wishes and positive thoughts to you and your family, John. I've followed you blog for a long time and it has helped me get through my rough spots. Your posts are definelty not self-indulgent but like others said, informative and appreciated by us, but also can be very helpful for you, giving you a place to let your emotions and thoughts out. Your son sounds like an amazingly strong person in mind and body, like you and your wife.

Prayers and best wishes from NY, to your son, you, your wife, and those who are there for you right now.
Anonymous said…
John, your Ronin is a warrior, in his blood and in his brave heart, and by name, and he has fought with this same spirit. To be hurt in the battle of life is to be expected, the way we recover from battle is what matters. That we keep singing is what matters. I agree with you "All power to the front shields" right now. Remind him, from me, that he is a true son of Alexander and he will rise from this battle. And tell him I love him. "Molon Labe" Panayiota K
Anonymous said…
It is an honor and privledge to read your posts. Please do keep us updated.

My heart goes out to you, Ronin, and all of your family.
Adam Adshead said…
You've got some great friends and family around you and I'm sure they're helping a lot. Remember you've got a lot of friends and family all the world John who are eager to keep updated on Ronin's situation, so don't think for a second you're being self indulgent.

Thanks for keeping us updated, I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and sending you positive vibes.

I even went and gave blood the other day, I know it won't help Ronin but it may just help someone in a similar situation in the UK.

Take care John,
Adam Adshead
Miriam Mallinder said…
Just so you know that I have been continuing to read your updates and adding my thoughts to the masses ... there will be many people, who like me, are keeping an eye on things but not commenting all the time because we leave that for the people closest to you. You probably have more support than you realise.

So walk with wings under your feet, because if we could all carry you at this time, we would.

Miriam (ex Takapuna dojo)
Bob Burns said…
As usual you lead from the front! Your blogs provide constant inspiration and learning for those who seek it.Your current situation, and your resolve to focus in the 'now', the next immediate step, reinforces the foundation that you've taught us about BJJ and life. As Geoff said, we all very much appriciate you taking the time to inform us how it's all going. Your all in our thoughts!
Anonymous said…
Wishes wings and prayers coming at you from the USA. Hope the recovery for your son and your family is swift.
Phil said…
I have to agree with Geoff, we all appreciate the continual updates, as always our thoughts are with you and your family.
All the best.
Steve Foulds said…
JBW, if anyone can lead him through this, its you.

My thoughts are with you & your family

Steve Foulds
Felipe Grez said…
Stay strong John, all the BJJ community's prayers go out for you, your son and your family!
Andrew Walton said…
Hi John,

I am so sorry to hear this has happened to your son.

You are an inspiration and example to those who know you, and it is a privilege to be able to offer words of support at such a time.

I am pleased to hear you have such good support at this time.

In times of suffering and crisis like this, the true character of a person is often revealed. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing and example in modelling how to deal with such a traumatic event.

My thoughts and prayers are very much with you and your family at this time.

(Thursday Beginners Classes)
Stephan Kesting said…
John, Ronin and you are in my thoughts. Here's hoping that everything turns out OK!

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