The first step of taking ownership ...

At the end of class , I often ask "hands up who tried the new technique we just learned" ...
Notice I said 'tried' and not "succesfully pulled off" - and the reason I mam careful with the words i use is this: When we are exposed to a new technique - the sinlg emost important thing we can do after we have done the drills/reps is to 'give it a shot' whilst rolling/sparring. it actually doesn't matter whether we are succesful or not with the move - it is really only important that we 'try' it.
This is bacasue, the first step in taking owenrship of a new technqiue is to start seeing a 'realtionship' between the 'picture' we are loooking at whilst sparring and the 'new technique'. For example - we see the opponent is trying to pass our guard but he has left one arm inside - we see this 'picture' and we match it with a technique that we have been exposed to , say 'triangle choke' - and then we act. So the first step in learning to take ownership of technques - is to begin to make those kind of associations. We can do that by just 'trying' the move - it isn't actually necessary to be succesful with them.
So my advice is to 'try anyway' - don't put off trying new techniques till the situation is perfect. In my experience, it is rarely perfect - we need to be exposed to techniques, try them as soon as we can - and begi making the correct 'associations'.
Good training to all,


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