POTENCY ... a huge secret! Seriously!

Think about this - it is really important:
Someone does a technique that seems virtually unstoppable - it is their 'baby'; they seem to be able to make it work against everyone - and to make matters worse, it seems, on the surface of things, to be a simple and basic technique. This 'someone', is a world class performer, but when you try the technique, it only works some of the time or not very well at all ... what is going on here??? Something is going on ... obviously, but exactly what is it?

Let me give you my two cents worth on this ....

It's all about 'POTENCY'!
Here's an example to explain my idea: let's say that a given move has at least four things going on during it's execution - 1. What your left hand/arm is doing 2. What your right hand/arm is doing 3. What your left foot/leg is doing and 4. What your right foot/leg is doing ... sometimes there are other contributing factors - eg: what your head is doing, your right shoulder, etc. But to keep it at it's simplest level - let's just look at how each of our four limbs is contributing to the move/technique.

Now, Most of us, once we are comfortable with the move/technique, will begin to 'focus' on one aspect of the move (ie: the function/contribution of one of our limbs) - as we focus on this, we will raise the 'potency factor' of the move/technique considerably. At that point, most people leave off, (especiallly when they 'plateau' with the move, and go on to repeat the process with another move.
Want to be world class? If so, then you need to do this: re-examine, each and every 'contributing element' of the move (ie: the contribution of each of the four limbs) and work each 'element' until you simply have 'milked it' for a full 100% of it's contribution - ie: until you have gotten 'full potency' from it. if you don't understand what the contributing factor for that particula=r limb is, then you need to study more, start to reallt think about the bio-mechanics of the move and build your understanding. Ask your coach/instructor - but don't expect him to know either - in any case - look and think, very closely!! if you do this for each 'contributing limb', you will 'double' the overall effectiveness of the move/technique - guaranteed! Once you have milked one for all the potency it can afford you - and this is an automatic process, concentrate on another one; do this until all four limbs are contributing a full 100%!

Once you've done this once or twice - with moves that you already are very familar with; you will absolutely start to re-examine every other move you know - because the results you get will be so amazing. This is an approach that most world-class people take (whetehr they know it or not - usually not) - starting with their favourite moves and then slowly, by siege tactics, to every other move/technique they have. This is one of the main reasons that we have a serious degree of separation in skill levels - between the world-class performers/athletes and the rest of the mainstream.

Hey, anyone can pass high school exams at their most basic level. They get a 70% pass in maths, a 60% pass in English, a 90% pass in geography and say, a 98% pass in Chemistry - and that is what's going on with most people's moves/techniques. Get a 100% pass in all subjects - and you become world class. Adding more subjects (techniques or variations of your move) when you are only acheiving a 60% pass rate on the one you already use, is NOT going to help the problem. in fact, it is going to make the problem worse! Fix what you are doing - milk it for all it's worth. Acheive clarity on the contributing elements (at least all four limbs) of the move - and work on each of them separately, until you cannot make them better. The when you go on to 'new' moves, you will be working at a whole new, and seriously improved, level.
Get potency! Think about it.
I hope this idea helps.
Good training and teaching to all.


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