Castle Walls or Guerilla tactics?

For those who are bored with my endless titade of analogies - tough - here's yet another one.This time regarding 'defence' ...
One way to look at the problem of defence can go like this:You build some big strong castle walls to keep those pesky saracens out (this is a purely historical reference by the way - not a personal viewpoint) and pin all you hopes on the strength of those walls to stop the battle when it really counts - at that eleventh hour.
BJJ - he is passing my guard and I put up the strongest possible defence so he cannot do so. (castle wall)
This is one way to go - and it has both positive and negative consequences. The biggest negative, in my opinion, is that when the enemy finally scales those castle walls and gets inside - you are in a bad way. All your hopes pinned on one big wall, that lets you down at the last minute - not much recourse left!
Or there is the other approach - the tactics as used by the viet cong in the Vietnam war. Guerilla warfare - attack, retreat as the enemy attacks - attack again, etc,.
Back to BJJ: he is passing my guard - before he gets all the way passed (when I make the determination that he is probably going to pass) then we give up trying to stop him and say, go to our knees - giving him side-back control. Okay he is still on top of us - but we are on our knees.
The question now becomes - are you more confident at escaping side-back control than you are at escaping side control (cross-side)? because if you are, then perhaps this guerilla warfare-like tactic of retreating to a better defensible position might be a way to go for you.
Sometimes the grapple requires that we build those castle walls - and sometimes we are better off retreating into the jungle.
Before you give this strategy a good go - I strongly suggest that you really develop some confidence and a good gameplan for when you are underneath side-back control (turtle position - with opponent on your side). Become great at escaping form this position and you may be more willing to go there as an oponent is about to pass.
Castle walls - or guerilla retreat - this thinking has the potential to radically change your game.
Gotta head to the remote Kimberleys for some rejuvenation in the wilds. If the crocs don't eat me and the chopper pilot remembers the GPS co-ordinates for the pick-up - I shall get in just over a week and jump backback online


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