Neurons that fire together - wire together!

With some new blue belts just coming up into our advanced class, i have to start giving them some advice about how to begin developing their personal game. That is, they have the besics down well - but now it's time for them to start putting their personal stamp on how they fight.

The way I like to begin this process is by having the new blue belt determine what their IA is for most of the common situations that occur whilst wrestling. IA is military-speak for Immiediate Action - in other words, it describes an immiediate response to a given situation. (eg: the handgun jams or won't fire under combat conditions - a typical trained IA is to Drop - tap, tap and rack) - this gives you the the optimal chance to fix the problem whilst under extreme stress.

Anyways, obviously when things go pear-shaped, it is important to have an IA that has been hardwired in, to prevent mental log jam when you need to be acting - instead of freezing.

How this relates to grappling is that in order to build the foundation of a Game, you need to have developed a set of IA's that will afford you immiediate and positive responses to the most common things that occur. You will build on this over the years, replace old IA's with new ones, and build more of them.

We react the same way enough times to a given situation - that is, the nuerons fire in the same sequence each time to the same stimuls (situation) then we start to build automatic reactions - IA's. Neurons that fire together - wire together.



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