Singapore life ...

Hello from Singapore,
the weather here is kind of rainy bu the temperature is great.
I arrived on thursday and after an airport pickup from Kon Quek, I tooka dip on the hotel pool before heading out to Jasons Queks BJJ class in Chinatown. A great group of JAsons studennts attended and we trained from 8 till 10:30pm. And then went out for dinner (satay, rice, noodles, etc) at a night market. We chatted and ate till midnight before I headed back to the hotel. It was a really good night - despite the fact that I had stayed up way past my bedtime.

next day was pretty cruisy - I walked around, located a few hotspots for my wireless laptop, swam laps in the pool and relaxed. Late afternoon I met a few of the Brits and we hooked up at Starbucks for coffee and intros for a bit. I then hooked up with Rodney King just before we headed off to Kon Queks school for training. There were a couple of dozen of us there - including Adam Kayoom (brown belt BJJ er from downunder - and very nice guy). I made intros and then got started by taking everyone through an hour and a hlaf of positional drill - a good way to get everyone moving and set a culture of thinking and being fully engaged. It went down well - and we are all primed for more today (the day after).

After that, I think most everyone went out on the town. Me being the old guy, went back to my room, swam a bit, then ate, before doing some reading and hitting the pillow. I hope eevryone recovers from their fun last night - as we are kicking off with a long training session as of 2pm this afternoon.

Rodney, who seems straight 'up and down' and and very switched on, will be taking the first two hours. We will be running through his CM (crazy monkey) boxing system at the point of it's latest evolution. I am pumped for the session!
After that, I will be taking another BJJ session for an hour, before fellow Aussie MAtt Jones will be taking a session on functional strength training. That will be followed by another two hours of BJJ training which I will be heading up.
That will be followed by an hour of open mat before the day winds up at 9pm.

They can party - I shall head to the pool; eat, read and watch the late night news.
Old guy!

I'll keep you informed - stay well, train safely.



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