To Write or not to Write ...

A combination of jetlag and some wierd variation of the plane-flu has got me up at 4am. A chance to jump on the net and jot down a few thoughts. My recent UK visit, though hectic, was wonderful - the best thing about it was the new set of friends I have made. For me, it's not about Windsor castle or hadrians Wall'; it's about the people we meet on the way.

I have to thank all the extraordinarily postive e-mails I have received from my new UK friends - I will definitely return post christmas.

The morning walk and breakfast I took with Geoff Thompson, has left me thinking ...
Over the years, many people have suggested that I write a book about my experiences in and lessons learned from, the martial arts. It seems that there are a lot of people that become more fully engaged in the training, when I pin the technique or concept I am trying to get across, to a good story. of course, I have always thought, if I did write such a book - I would be guaranteed of a few buyers, namely my mother and some of my students - but Geoff T has suggested otherwise.

It does seem kind of strange talking about one's own life - but I do have to agree with Geoff that mine has been rather extraordinary. He points out that I can simply reach more people with my teaching via a book than I can by flying around doing seminars. I do love the physicality and hands-on experience that the seminars do afford me, so i will not give that up, but the book idea is beginning to make more and more sense.

Back in the day, when I began Blitz Magazine, I had to come up with the title first, before i could go any further. i have always been that way inclined. before I built the house that i live in, i had to go buy a bunch of blocks andf glue then all together to get the shape i wanted before i began on the task of figuring out how to fit everything into it. Seems that's my M.O. I shall ponder a name for my book - once that's squared away - the beginning will have begun.

So thanks Geoff, for giving me that nudge. We all need a nudge now and then - that's for sure. When we do wehat we are mean't to do, the universe gives us nice pats on the back; when we do otherwise, it gives us a Mack truck up the arse. I look forward to many more nice pats!

best wishes all,

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