The Law of Attraction – How it really works.

The mechanism by which stuff, via opportunity, comes into our lives is a simple one. Some people have made an obscene amount of money by over-complicating and mystifying this process. So here’s how it works:

There is so much information coming at us, sounds, colours, smells, movement, etc – that we are incapable of processing even a small portion of it. So our brain kind of blocks out all irrelevant information so that we can cope. We have a kind of information ‘filter’ if you like. This filter has a name – it’s called the R.A.S – the reticular activating system. The R.A.S filters out repetitive and non-relevant stimuli, thereby preventing sensory overload.
So if this filter is in place; how does our brain identify which information it needs to process?
That’s where basic goal-setting or visualization comes in. And here’s how this works:

Imagine you decide you need to build a new barbeque. You start thinking about it, visualizing how you want it to be made from red bricks, how big it is, where you will build it, etc. And then something funny happens; you start noticing bricks everywhere. On building blocks, on sale at the hardware store, at a local garage sale, etc. Most people think this to be an amazing co-incidence. Of course though, it is not! It is no more of a co-incidence than how you tend to spot loads of new Hondas on the road, the day after you buy one for yourself. They were always there of course, just like the red bricks were always there – it’s just that you didn’t see them until you had indentified they were personally important to you.

Your R.A.S will filter out most information that is irrelevant to your immediate needs. Once, via goal-setting or visualization, you let your R.A.S know that certain things are important to you, your brain will stay on high alert, and be on the lookout for anything that can help you get what you want. Once your R.A.S knows you what you want, the bits and pieces you need to make it happen will ‘magically’ start to appear.

This is a part of how the so-called Law of Attraction works. Pretty simple. It’s based on how our brains have evolved over millions of years. I see no need to enshroud these processes in mysticism; they are a part of our biological design.
So visualize – set some goals – be clear on what you want. But be careful, because it’s all right out there, and ready to materialize, just for you …


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