Leaving the oven!

In Vegas for the last night - the MAIA convention was a hectic affair. I didn't seem to have a minute to spare. Dave Meyer, Brian Johnson, Eddie Mercer and I manned our BJJ America booth for the three days. We had a matted area also - and so I gave mini-lessons to people as they swarmed around the expo, between various martial arts business seminars. Today I taught for six hours, evaluating a few instructors from throughout the USA for their pre-blue belt training. Tomorrow morning I head up to my favourite US city, Seattle; to take a couple of seminars before coming back to Vegas and teaching for Chuck Norris at the UFAF convention. It is way hot here - 47 degrees celcius. Don't come here!
Going to treat myself and Dave to see the Circus du Soleil show on wednesday evening. it's called 'KA' - and is a wild, amazingly extravagant and technologically advanced show, based on a martial theme. I have seen many Circus du Soleil performances - and they always leave me stunned. Do not miss the chance to see anything they offer if you get the opportunity.
best get some sleep - early start tomorrow.
Good training,

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