My New Zealand visit.

Off to New Zealand again at weeks end. I love seeing my friends over there - the BJJ scene is strong, vital and progressive. Everyone is so enthusiastic about the training - which is, of course, the most important feedback an instructor can get. if the students are enthusiastic and fully engaged, then so too is the instructor.
I will be landing in Christchurch on friday, training at Geoff Aitken's school, then up to Auckland on Saturday morning to train at Glenn Tarrants and Michael Fooks place. On Sunday, I work with Karl Norton and Steve Cockell, who are mainatining the legacy left by wonderful Micahel Gent, then ot's off to Phil Beale's school in Hamilton. On monday I will be driving with Glenn tarrant over to Napier to train at Shayne Cox's school, then down to Wellington to work with the Police - finally, my last night in NZ will be spent with geoff Grant's school in Wellington. Back home thursday - attend to the stack of e-mails and other stuff awaiting me, pick my son up from school, then head to class that evening. Vincent Perry from the gold coast will be visiting that evening. And so goes my next week or so .. busy enough,
Best wishes all, see the Kiwi crew very soon.
best regards,

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