Airport, mat, airport, mat, airport, mat, airport ...

My visit to Launceston on Thursday was wonderful. What a great bunch of hard-core BJJ afficionadoes they are. After a good training session, that saw a crowd several dozen strong hailing form Hobart, Ulverston and Launny, we went back to one of the locals places for dinner. Thanks guys, the food was great as was the company. Three purple belts were awarded as was a brown belt to long time BJJ advocate, Adam Newton. Well done Adam, you certainly wear it well!
The next morning, I flew back to Melbourne, spent 3 hours at the airport (yuck) before getting on a plane to Adelaide. Last night I took a class for a small group of Blue belts, headed up by Darren Cartwright and Matty Jones. Sorry about the hole in the wall Mat! Again, dinner followed - and a local chinese place. Good food, good converstaion. Six hours sleep later, I am here at Adelaide airport, waiting for my flight to Perth.
Today's a big day, with my good friend Steve Stevenson hosting the first seminar, followed by a session at Paul Marsdens place, then finishing off with a stand-up clinic at Mike Holmes school. The I shall sleep, sleep, sleep.
Tomorrow, Adam Metcalf will be hosting a morning session at his amazingly professional school, followed by a lunchtime session at Troy Flugge's - always fun. The flight back on sunday evening will see me home at midnight - ready for a new week on monday.

I love the mat - I loathe the airports.
What we need is a flying mat.
My flight is being called - gotta run.
Train smart - train safe.


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