Compulsory reading

For all martial artists who are at all interested in the combative applications of the arts they study, I would have to recommend Geoff Thompson's 'Watch my Back' - as compulsory reading. Ask anyone who has read it. This is real stuff - Geoff's account of the lessons he has learned from a decade of working the doors at the roughest pub in one of the roughest towns in the UK, is simply a MUST READ!
As my friend in Perth said to me on the weekend - Geoff Thompson was the first martial artist of renown, to admit that he felt real fear. And it's how Geoff deals with that fear and the strategies he has developed as a result of understanding the mechanics of fear, that makes this an absolute best seller.
Please, read it! One of the best books I have ever read.
Best wishes,
Go check it out at Geoff's Site


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