Life is a terminal disease!

Life is a terminal disease that concludes in our death. Sounds a bit morbid I guess; but this is just how it is. I like being reminded that life doesn’t go on forever. I like being reminded that I have a limited number of days left on this planet; I like being reminded of this so I don’t postpone living every moment to it’s fullest. I want to enjoy the ride every step of the way – and I don’t like putting off till tomorrow, the things I would like to do today.
It’s very ironic that quite often, people suffering a terminal illness have an astoundingly refreshing outlook o life. They love, treasure and relish every minute they have left. They notice the smell of spring in the air, they smell the roses, they cherish every conversation. In what way are we different from these people – we are not – we just don’t know how much time we have left. Live it all the way – live life to the fullest. Take chances, live your dreams and love like there’s no tomorrow; such is my advice.
I love the martial arts training and approach it with all the enthusiasm of a child at his first big Christmas. Kids know how to live. Train well – train hard – train today! JBW August 2007

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