God is the grocer - but you are the chef!

Whatever your personal concept of god – whether it be the end result of natural Darwinian forces or whether it be the divine hand of intelligent design – you have been brought into existence to the point of being self-aware. This alone however, guarantees you nothing. Life comes with no instruction manual. It is up to each and every one of us to carve our niche in a world of chaos and opportunity. To a large degree, each of us is in charge of our own fate. Sure, the dice roll at every turn and fate/god/chance does play a role as the maps of our lives unfold; but our choices and passions are what ultimately determine the paths that each of us walk.
It is profoundly sad to me that many people take no initiatives to make their lives better and more rewarding. To see people floating through life, with no purpose or desire, seems to me a great waste. Think about it; each of us is the ultimate product of countless generations of our ancestors, all of whom had the skill, will and good fortune to survive long enough to procreate and bring yet another generation into existence. Each and every one of us, is the end-result of this generational miracle. To not fully engage in the wonderful journey we call life – especially considering our amazing survival pedigree – is a sin against nature. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to find our purpose, embrace our passion and make all that we can of our brief time here on planet earth. We have all come into the universe with pretty much the same basic makeup – it’s what we do with what we have been given, that makes the difference. God is the grocer – but you are the chef. Make something wonderful – create something grand.
I’m off for a few days in my continuing quest to do just that.
Warmest regards,


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