Our Nats - what are they all about?

Our national champs have just finished for another year. Whenever we read about tournaments we tend to read things like 'Our best year yet', etc. But quite often, such statements are simply not true. I am commited to making each year better than the last - for everyone. And although tournaments are not my focus at all, I feel i need to give real value to the people who go out of their way to attend these events. I understand that we all work hard for our money, that our time is limited, and so i appreciate the effort it takes for people to give up a weekend and support the nationals; particularly, those people who have travelled from as far away as perth, new Zealand, Qld (even malaysia). So I try to do the best job I can - FOR THEM!
This year , we kept the entry price down - we offered better prize/sponsorship packs, and made Rigan Machado's seminar available and affordable for everyone. I also organized (with the wonderful help of some good friends) a business/school-owners seminar on Sunday, so that we can all move forward with the business as well as the technical aspects of martial arts. This was a huge success - this morning (the day after) i have already received half a dozen e-mails from various school owners, informing me that this was a highlight for them. Awesome.
Our event, apart from being a serious competition, differs from any other event I have ever seen, in that it is a social event as well. Everyone leaves the mat hugging and slapping each other on the back. there is absolutely no bad behaviour, bad sportsmanship or bad feeling. The atmosphere is one of a family get-together. With more than a dozen Will-Machado Black Belts in attendance, this was one very spoecial occasion. next year will be bette again - more treats are in store.
For comp results - see our news page.
Train well - train with passion!

Pic: Rigan reffing the match between Cam Rowe and Dave Hart.


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