The Time Trap

One of the things about being self-employed and setting yourself up as a category-of-one, is the problem of time management. if you are providing a type or level of service that no-one else provides, demands on your time will ever be on the increase. This certainly is my experience. Already my calendar is fully booked out till June next year, with it being impossible to fit anything else in, no matter how lucrative or enticing the offer.
On one hand, I like it - as I pretty much love the work that I do. It is highly varied, very challenging, financially rewarding and lots of fun. But that's in a perfect week; and doesn't allow for stuff like injury, illness and the other little hiccups that life throws at us all. I figure that eventually, something will naturally 'GIVE' - perhaps someone will quibble on the price of a seminar and I'll take the opportunity to drop it and ease my schedule a bit; perhaps I'll have someone take over some of my workload - things have a way of working out.

The first book in my new series is nearly printed; I take delivery of it mid next week. I am very excited about it. A publisher in England has shown interest in it already; who knows, I may have to hand it over to them and get it on the international stage. If that happens, I'll need to get cracking on the next two and finish it. Though this is something I plan to do anyways. I probably start in a week or two.

You can nearly always fit more into your year than you think you can - I say, pack it in!
Time's a tickin, the calendar is fillin. Enough said, I need to hit the mat, students will be arriving in minutes. Live well.


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