The Cost of doing business

The biggest cost of doing business is the time we spend doing it.
If we absolutely love doing what we are doing, then it isn’t really a cost – it’s a benefit. But when we don’t like what we are doing, then the time spent doing it, is absolutely our biggest cost. The thing is, there must always be more benefit than cost – this is the way to live.
Most people, unless independently wealthy, need to do business in one form or another to make enough money to pay for the lifestyles they want. Structuring our lives in a way that allows us to enjoy the work is important if we want to keep costs low and benefits high. Being a slave to our business is not a good way to do this – ideally, no matter how much we love our business, we should build some free-time into our regular schedule. It’s important to do this, even though we may have to swap some money for that time. After all, we are swapping our time for money, almost every day – in one way or another. People are usually wiling to trade time for money – but not money for time. I find that kind of thinking to be alien, to the way I see things. The most important thing we have, a very finite resource, is time itself.
Never forget – the biggest cost of doing business, is the time we spend doing it.

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