It is a sad truth, that while most people say they want changes in their lives, most people are in fact, afraid of making those changes.

This is so because we are all, to some degree or another, influenced by a survival imperative that says 'Change is bad'. For millions of years, changes in behaviours or routines, would more often than not be associated with RISK. And one hundred thousand years ago, RISK could easily lead to early death. Back then, it was nearly always safer to stay with the known or with the familiar. The unfamiliar, be it a new plant, a new animal, a new tribe or a new environment, would pose new possibilities; many of which were dangerous to our survival.
Nowadays though, things are a lot different. Although CHANGE still means RISK; the cost of the risk is much less - and more often than not, will not kill us. The real problem is not the risk, not even the price we pay for taking the risk - the problem is getting past the genetic hardwiring that says Change is bad. CHANGE is not always bad. Quite often, CHANGE IS GOOD! In fact, CHANGE is imperative if we want to grow, evolve and improve ourselve’s or our position.

Here are my magic keys to making positive changes:

1. Start small; don't change too much. if you start too big, the hardwiring will kick in and some part of you will want to send you back to your former state. START SMALL, STAY THE COURSE!

2. Hang out with other people who want to change for the better. This taps into our primitive need to be like the rest of the tribe. SO JOIN THE TRIBE WHO LOVES CHANGE!

3. Acknowledge your progress. Don't wait to you have achieved your 'final goal' before you acknowledge the fact that you are making positive progress. By acknowledging that we are getting nearer our goal, our motivation makes a powerful shift from the 'AWAY FROM' style of motivation to the 'TOWARD' style of motivation - which is more powerful and more sustainable. Simply put, when driven by the 'TOWARD' style of motivation, the closer we get to our goal, the more powerful the motivation becomes. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS - THIS SUPERBOOSTS OUR MOTIVATION!

I hope these super-secrets help you. I have learned them the hard way - over time. Please take them on board - because I wish each and everyone of you all the power to make all the positive changes you can imagine - and perhaps more importantly, those changes you cannot yet imagine.

Best wishes - JBW


Paul said…
I bought your book last week and am really enjoying what you have to say. I've been practising BJJ now for only 4 months thanks to one of my work colleagues who is one of your students. I wish I had started 20 years ago but I am always looking for new challenges both physically and mentally and BJJ certainly offers both. Look forward to your next book...

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